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  • We No Speak Cantina

    Darth Vader has a funky Cantina side thanks to the masterful mashup work of G3RSt! I’ve made a new tag for “Star Wars” mashups! I...

  • Mixtape Baile Charme

    Super hot and sexy mashup set from the last Bootie Rio mashup party. Some really great mashup producers featured in this set, damn…..must….go…… Rio bootie...

  • Don’t Play No Game, Babe

    Sexy and sultry, a really great mashup by G3RSt. Just needs either some Go-Go dancers or pole dancers.

  • Pretender to heaven

    This is an older G3RSt mashup song, but I really enjoy it and we haven’t featured it. So enjoy some Foo Fighters mashup against Led...

  • Gimme Pussy!

    Wow. Mashup greatness, hilarity and just pure awesome. I new a guy who used this as his pick up line. No word of a lie....

  • I Want Stacy’s Mom

    So much hotness happening in this mashup. Damn good.

  • Crazy Vison

    G3RSt delivers a great mashup of Seals classic track “Crazy” with the R√∂yksopp which really adds to the ‘craziness’ of this mashup.

  • When I Come Around Kansas City

    A completely different mashup perspective by G3RSt of one of pop punks most iconic bands. A silent film homage video would work excellent with this.

  • Hot n Cold As Ice

    I have nothing more clever to in comparrison to what G3RSt said to me, and quote, “Hey there Revy – here’s one I should’ve made...

  • Get Up, Hitch A Ride

    Whaaaaaaaaat!?!?!? This totaly just happend. Marley vs. Green Day. WTF?!?! How AWESOME!