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  • Bootalicious – The Funky Masters – Volume 2

    It’s here! Bootalicious is now out for all your funky mashup needs. Mashup songs contributed by producers such as GenErik, Mister Nono, DeeM, Jarod Ripley,...

  • Oh Kygo Live Mix @ Château Rogers

    Wonderful mix from GenEric. I always picture him wearing some kind of DJ General uniform when he mixes.

  • Mama

    Full of…fatherly(?) advice? Direct and delivered in the Al Pachino way.  

  • Empire Heart of Gold

    Another Jay-Z vs. Neil Young mashup but from a different perspective this time and a different Jay-Z track. *update: Remastered by the devilishly talented GenErik

  • Giorgio is Missing

    There is going to be all kinds of greatness coming out of the new Daft Punk. Let’s through throw this up there on that pedestal...