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  • The Truth (Gangsta Shit!)

    Pretty dope. I think that Tupacs lyrics are fantastic fit to Glitch Mob. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • The Midnight Society EP

    A great addition for your Halloween mashup experience! From DJ Bahler the Midnight Society is a great mashup EP release featuring some truly great and...

  • In The Night in Head Trip

    Glitch Mob are an improvement to Kanye I think. I enjoy his music but Glitch Mob adds a little something extra I think. [soundcloud url=”″...

  • Fortune

    Was not expecting awesomeness! Happily surprised! Fallout Boy and Glitch Mob work well!

  • Biggie 102

    Killer mashup from A.ROG. Imagine Notorious B.I.G. partnering up with The Glitch Mob, with a slice of Eminem and Ludarcis. Imagine the damage that could...

  • Glitchbugg

    Cut a glitchbugg. What kind of new fangled dance are these kids today doing?

  • Red dress turning me on

    Dirty sexy mashup. Proper for either the peelers or your at home sex tape. Your pick.