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  • Life In The House

    Hawt creepy Halloween mashup from DeeM! 28 Days later is one of my favorite zombie-pocolypse movies and I really love the music in it. Share...

  • Bitchbusters

    For all you sexy devils and witches on Halloween!

  • People Drive Strange

    Deliciously creepy, in time for Halloween!

  • No Sickness In The Wild

    Awesome for your Halloween Mashup playlist! So dark, so dirty, so much fun!

  • The Devil’s Drop (MASHedit)

    Trick or treat my little ghouls and goblin mashup lovers! The Devil has got that drop in 3….2…1!

  • Monster Mash 5.0

    I wonder if Ray Parker Jr. knew what he was getting into with this track. I think every year we get to see Ghost Busters...

  • Is There a Zombie Apocalypse on the Horizon?

    It’s become almost an ice-breaking question in ‘geek’ culture. “What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse”? Whilst the truth is that...

  • Son of Monster Mash Up

    Even though this is an older Halloween mashup compilation release it is absolutely worth checking out and adding to your party play list! Loads of...

  • Highway To Hell Vs Never Will Be Mine

    You won’t believe the amount of internet crap I had to wade through to find this gem.

  • Closer To Dragula

    A great addition to your Halloween mashup playlist. Two spin chilling classic meet for a truly rock’n terrifying experience!