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  • So Happy it Hurts

    A very different take on Pharrells popular ‘Happy’ track. A bit more of a somber view point from the Man in Black. Share on TumblrDigg...

  • The Way You Hurt (Extended Version)

    Sick mashup! It hurts ya right in the feels! What a great cover as well.

  • When I’m Hurt

    Holy shite. Prepare for your mind to be BLASTED! I’m immediately reminded of how you miss someone when they are gone. Gets you right in...

  • Ain’t No Grave

    Really fantastic and haunting mashup by Bigg H. I kinda think that Johnny Cash is now walking around…

  • Dub of Fire

    Johnny Cash  finding his inner reggae with King Tubby!

  • Cry Harder 1.0

    Cry Harder 1.0 by HongKongGeorge

  • Still Hurtin

    Johnny Cash vs. Philretro Spector

  • Wicked Killers

    Fantastic track from Phil Retrospector again! I had to listen to this a few times to really appreciate the quality of this. Whats the most...