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  • Last Holla-Sexy-Back Birthday

    Gwen Stafani and Katy Perry makes so much sense! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Lucky

    Two extremely popular songs get a proper mashup makeover.

  • Valentin’s Suit & Tie

    Whoa! This needs a Fred Astaire like dance number or something. Hmm maybe even Christopher Walken?

  • Suit & Blood

    A Grace Jones mashup! I don’t think I have heard one of these before.


    Ah the smooth sexy mashup set from Bootie Rio. Hellzyes. MIXTAPE BOUGE DE LÀ BOOTIE RIO by Bootierio on Mixcloud 1 Juízo final I U...

  • Better Suit

    With GRiZ I imagine a better suit is something along the lines of Jackie Chans (terrible) movie The Tuxedo. All super spy like and stuff....

  • Mixtape com a Bootie Rio pegando fogo

    A new release from Bootie Rio. This is gonna get you hot and sweaty. Mixtape com a Bootie Rio pegando fogo by Bootierio on Mixcloud...

  • Fresh Suit & Tie

    Yeah! DAW-GUN is so Kool he is gonna show us a few things. A refreshing mashup of JT’s awesome release.

  • With Your Suit & Tie On

    So much smooth sexy in this mashup with Justine Timberlake and Marvin Gaye. RRod you devil! Putting this onto my “music to make love to...

  • Random Sexy Memories

    Filled with sexy dance floor mashup-ness. If you don’t want to dance to this, check your heartbeat. A good beat to get your morning blood...