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  • Midas Touch The Sky

    The Midas touch suga. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • No Sickness In The Wild

    Awesome for your Halloween Mashup playlist! So dark, so dirty, so much fun!

  • Lights at the diner

    I dig what you are throwing down there Tyler.  

  • Send It Up X Party & Bullshit (Medley Edit)

    Damn, this is wonderfully strange and awesome.

  • Streamers Overnight

    Haven’t heard this Twista song in some time. Great for a revisit in this mashup!

  • Paddling Life

    I know we are supposed to not like Kanye and Kim or whatever, but we are still allowed to like mashups with Kanye right? Well...

  • Ye of Thrones

    I’m super pumped for this next season of GoT, and for the release of the final book. However this mashup posses a troubling question. If...

  • Heartbreak

    Becoming more serious and brooding, a really interesting mashup from flipboitamidles. This mashup was created exclusively for the GLDN Standard Mixtape. A mashup collective that...

  • Blues Br-Others

    A classic mashup featuring overweight middle aged white muther-fuckers jumping up and down on a stage trying to sing the blues. From the very talented...

  • Decalogue

    I wanted to share this mashup by The Hood Internet for its Canadian band samples. Overall it’s pretty good. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″...