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  • Good morning Katy

    The Beatles get a saucy addition to the fab 5 with a sultry Katy Perry. I love it. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • This Is How We Mack

    Oh Happy Cat Disco, you make my ears happy.

  • Latch on to Firework

    Minds explode when combing the forces of Sam Smith and Katy Perry.

  • Happiness Versus Sadness

    How did this get sexier?

  • Alien Waves

    Another great mashup of Katy Perry by Flashard. This guys got massive talent.

  • Birthday Bandit

    Instrumentally this mashes really nicely with the Katy Perry vibe.

  • Dark Horse Of The Year

    I really like the added sickness of Skrillex on this. Makes Katy Perry a bit more of a force.

  • Crying Unconditionally

    A great mashup that I was not expecting. I was thinking I was going to hear Katy Perry signing, so that’s kinda cool.

  • California Gurls Get Carried Away

    There’s a kind of ‘funk’ that Passion Pit has captured in their song “Carried Away”. Add Katy Perry “California Gurls” on top of that and...

  • Megalomaniacal Purple Peacock

    Some KFDM! Hellz to the yes. DJ JimiGĀ  knows how to scratch that mashup itch.