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  • Return To Campus

    DOSVEC gets you ready to go back to school kids with this mashup album release. Track Listing...

  • Gucci Vibes

    I’m still a big fan of Kreayshawn mashups. So here you go.


    Another sick mashup by DOSVEC! Kreayshawn and DOSVEC should pair up to produce a remix/mashup album. That would be pretty sweet.  

  • Heart Of The Gucci

    DOSVEC isn’t finished with Kreayshawn. Nope. And another sexy photo of Stacey Keibler.

  • Gucci Porn

    Some tight glitch mashup from DJ Dont Do it. How about Gucci Android Porn?

  • DIFF Dubstep Mashup Album

    “DIFF” DOSVECs new album, excuse me, his new DUB STEP mashup album is out!! Check this shit out! DOSVEC – “DIFF” DubStep MashUp Mix Album...

  • Y Gucci Gucci

    An interesting take on the Kreayshawn mashups that have been coming out, this one done by DJ Invisiboy. I’m really digging this.

  • Gucci Cant Stop

    Another crazy track from DOSVEC! This will be part of his upcoming DubStep Mix Album “DIFF” dropping 8.23.11! Sweet.