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  • Bloody For What

    Ima just do some hand dancing. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Rather Be Poker Face

    I like the chill take on this classic GaGa track.

  • 34 Track Mega Diva Mashup

    Whoa, two amazing women mashing some of their most popular singles. Nostalgia overload. Roel Regelink is fighting the good fight. I’m sure this is going...

  • Just Super Bad

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before! I for one would love to see Lady GaGa do her best James Brown impression.

  • Poker Fly

    So deliciously different, I was really surprised the direction of this and just how good it is.

  • Bad Romances are Going Up

    David Lynch and Lady GaGa make a wonderfully creepy and strange mashup.

  • Break The Telephone

    Pretty cool. Lot’s of great tracks mashed so effectively here.

  • Turfin’ G.A.G.A.

    It’s a beach party! Some how extremely fitting for the pop culture Queen.

  • Royals Love Game

    What I think is interesting behind these Lorde mashups is usually the juxtaposition of the party, glamorous lifestyles instrumentals versus Lorde’s “We aren’t buying it” ...

  • Applause MASHUP

    Lots of strong female leads in this mashup with a sprinkle of male r&b backup. Have a great weekend Mashup Citizens!