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  • Applause Of Light

    I’m expecting a lot of mashups with Lady GaGa’s new single. That might be a bit why I have over 100 mashups to review this...

  • I Choose U

    I just wanna yell out “I CHOO-CHOO-CHOOSE YOU!” Oh Ralph, you’ve left an imprint on me forever.

  • Break The Telephone

    Pretty damn sexy. The Bee Gees thrown in here surprised me. It was a good surprise though.

  • The White Mashes

    Another fantastic mashup album release by DRA’man. This is probably going to be my favorite mashup album of the year. Gotta work with a girl...

  • Dire Telephone

    Get your classic rock on with this pop diva who is dire need of a telephone (see what I did there?) !  

  • Born This Bounce

    The bounce is strong in this mashup! Get your paws up kittens!

  • Diamonds For The Real Slim Shady

    Pretty awesome, but I do wish the video had more of the mashup in it as well.      

  • ScheiƟfaction

    Love it! Darker, dirtier, packed full of mashup fun! Kind of Rob Zombie inspired?

  • Ain’t Talkin Bout Poker

    I’m pretty sure Lady GaGa IS talking about poker here. It’s all about the Royal Flush. Right? Legitmix Ain’t Talkin Bout Poker.

  • Hello Nirvana [Just Dance]

    Awesome mashup track from MixmstrStel. He was looking for a Boston based band to build a mashup around and found it with Karmin.