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  • Where Have You Nicktim In The 212

    Awesome high energy club mashup from DJ CJ. Another great mashup from Legitmix! Legitmix Where Have You Nicktim In The 212. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Ain’t Talkin Bout Poker

    I’m pretty sure Lady GaGa IS talking about poker here. It’s all about the Royal Flush. Right? Legitmix Ain’t Talkin Bout Poker.

  • Rattle In Paris

    Bingo Players, Kanye West & Jay Z? Yup, I’m in. Legitmix Rattle In Paris.

  • One Blood (What’s the Difference)

    Some serious mashup awesomeness, found on Legitmix Legitmix One Blood (What’s the Difference).

  • Party Back (Explicit)

    Sick mashup putting some classic rock riffs with some Notorious B.I.G. on the mic. Yeah, expect greatness. Legitmix The Notorious B.I.G vs D Shark –...

  • Rolling In The Dada

    As the world continues with it’s PSY craze, let’s not forget our past crazes. Adele was once all I heard for about a week. Legitmix...

  • Hustlin on Mars

    How does one hustle on Mars? If anyone can figure that out, I’m sure Rick Ross in the world of mashups is the one. Legitmix...

  • Police Get Busy

    From the Mic Check 1234! project here is track 04! Fricken awesome. Legitmix Mic Check 1234! – Police Get Busy Black Thought x Dead Kennedys....

  • Harder, Fucking, Faster, Ressurection (DJCJ Mashed Bootleg)

    A fun Legitmix mashup bringing some classic Daft Punk and Peaches together. An exciting and interesting mash! Legitmix Micheal Calfan v Daft Punk v Peaches...

  • All The Things E.T. Said (Stelmix Mashup–Official Final Version)

    Wow. Remember t.A.T.u.? Well I do and here is a Legitmix mashup with them and Katy Perry. Pretty awesome how the three of them…ahem…work together....