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  • Back In Nookie Bitch

    Daaaaammmnnnn! This sounds much more serious with power of the rock! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Lets Get Fucked Up

    For your partying pleasures!

  • Get Jump!

    Mashups are perfect for your throwback Thursdays.

  • Best Be Getting Low

    I am forever memory burned of Sandra Bullock singing and dancing to Rob Base.

  • Bloody For What

    Ima just do some hand dancing.

  • One Turn Inside Down

    Adding Disturbed to this mashup turned it from a mediocre mashup and into awesome. Check out that graphic.

  • Turn Down For Scream

    GOD DAMN HAAAAAWT! This sizzles!


    I think of happy robots for some reason when I listen to this mashup. Just hanging out, thinking robot stuff.

  • Plugged In

    AC/DC and Lil’Jon? Plug me in and crank it to 11! Lil Jon needs some googly eyes on this album cover.

  • Sanford e Hijo

    Gotta love the Sanford & Sons theme song.