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  • Sweet Mash O’ Nine

    Fantastic trip down memory lane with this mashup. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Cruel Thriller

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Thriller mashup now would it? CjR kills it with this bone shaking mashup release!

  • Til The Feathers Echo

    Wynter Gordon is a really interesting vocal talent, but with this mashup, introduce some Linkin Park and Archie & Fareoh and you get a massive...

  • Stronger In The Echo

    Dan Mei puts together another excellent mashup filled with MORE MASHUP ROCK! Dan Mei – Stronger In The Echo (August 2012) on

  • Burn Last Friday Night Down

    Every week I figure I’m pretty much done with Katy Perry. Then I find a mashup like this, and IT PULLS ME BACK! I’m really...

  • Numb up V2

    A proper pairing of Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Cameo. Who would’ve thunk this?

  • He Was A Good Man

    Love this! Ima a new fan of Sputnik! Have a listen.

  • I Feel Faint

  • Most overly used songs in Mashups in 2010

    While Qubic and I were putting together our lists of our “Top 10of 20 Ten” the inevitable discussion came up of the most overly used...

  • Dangerous Power – The Boot EP

    CjR Mix and Bynar hooked up to produce a boot EP based on Dangerous Power by Gabriel & Dresden. The result… three very dangerous mashups: