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  • You Got Party Rock

    This is amazing. It would be fantastic to see some magical mashup video version of this, filmed in the format of what you see in...

  • Human Born To Dance

    The Killers are born to RAGE! Actually that is kinda terrifying if you put it into a Hannibal Lector point of view.

  • Animal Shots Jumper

    Another great mashup release from Adam Leno!

  • Literally Lmfao- Rebel Rock Anthem

    ERMASHGERD!! Some loud pops but bloody hell this is hilarious. Might want to turn the speakers/headphones down a little. May the 4th be with you!

  • One More Night Of Party Rockin’

    Please???? Just one more night! One more night of party rockin’ thanks to MixmstrStel

  • S.P.R.E.E.

    The Zurg Rush is bringing the high energy mashup to your face hole! Phew, this gets the heart racing.

  • You won’t see me in Miami

    Fantastically bizarre and groovy. Oh mashup, I heart you.

  • One M0re Night of Party Rockin’

    Hawt mashup club banger taking advantage of the Cosmic Dawn remix with additional vocal help from a few other artists to make this fantastic mashup!

  • Axel F is Sexy and I know it

    Man that would be a great mashup video. Eddie Murphy, LMFAO…yup. Needs to happen.

  • The End of Summer

    Dirty Hairy’s end of summer mashup set. Sums up the summer for, ahem, some of us I suppose.