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  • Music Miss You

    A calm cool mashup by Jejah ✂ Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • 34 Track Mega Diva Mashup

    Whoa, two amazing women mashing some of their most popular singles. Nostalgia overload. Roel Regelink is fighting the good fight. I’m sure this is going...

  • Make it easy

    That Madonna pop adds a bit more sexiness to the Queens of the Stone Age make out song. I’m trying a new embed code her...

  • Applause MASHUP

    Lots of strong female leads in this mashup with a sprinkle of male r&b backup. Have a great weekend Mashup Citizens!

  • Applause Of Light

    I’m expecting a lot of mashups with Lady GaGa’s new single. That might be a bit why I have over 100 mashups to review this...

  • Strong and Sweet Nothing

    Little bit of an anthem mashup going on.


    Ah the smooth sexy mashup set from Bootie Rio. Hellzyes. MIXTAPE BOUGE DE LÀ BOOTIE RIO by Bootierio on Mixcloud 1 Juízo final I U...

  • Give Your Body 2 Me

    Just a damn good time for his first mashup. Well done DJ Kelly Kidd.

  • Diamonds celebration

    Get Madonna dancey flava mixed in a nice hot cup of Rihanna. Be sure to check out the sexy mashup video!

  • Bizkit Session

    Limp Bizkit and Brittany are clearly the next musical pairing.