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  • Watch Out For Wine Up

    A hot mashup for those hot summer weekend nights! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Get Low Vs. Bubble Butt

    Git low wit dat bubble but grl! HELLZ TO THE YES!! What a great way to start a Friday!

  • Late Night Thursday

    One of the better Childish Gambino mashups. I mean there are a lot! But this one is new. Works so well with abhi//dijon.

  • Guitar Track Vs Aerosol Can

    Pretty cool high energy mahsup! Makes me want to run around in circles. It’s O.K.! That’s a good thing.

  • Supersoaked Girls

    I’m featuring this for science. Research and science.

  • Mashup The Dance

    This is just a little bit addictive. I love to mashup the dance. Come mashup with me. We can mashup together. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”...

  • Harlem Shake w/ Weh Dem A Do

    I do have a few favorite Harlem Shake videos, but this is my current favorite mashup.   From BiOTRONiC Played by Major Lazer at UMF...

  • The Gangnam Movement

    As the world goes crazy over Gangnam style, it’s only fitting we show off the top Gangnam style mashups.

  • Pon de best

    These work so great together…from what I understand. Whatever, I’m just going to enjoy.

  • Tight Stripes

    You are probably going to want to download this. There was an epic video. However it was removed for copyright stuffs. 🙁