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  • Teardrop Momentum

    An groove toe tapping mashup of a fantastic Massive Attack song from new talent find, AnneTTe. Share...

  • Time Out From Teardrops

    A different spin on a fantastic track from Massive Attack. Goldfrapp fits comfortably like your favorite sweater.

  • Black Hole Angel

    A really interesting take on two classic tracks! A massive sound garden attack! Imagine if such a group existed.

  • Slow Angel

    This mashup disappearing and then I have to go on this big long drawn out adventure on trying to find it! Made back in 2004...

  • Zero Massive Cold Phoenix

    Beautiful. Handsomely sculpted and produced Obscuresounds is very good at what he, (they?) do.  I’m hooked. Looking forward to more. Fleetwood Mac Massive...

  • Unfinished Maps

  • Massive fear

    Massive Attack vs. Lily Allen

  • Angel Divine

    Massive Attack vs. Yello vs.  Art of Noise