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  • Master of Stayin’ Alive

    There was a time when people rebelled against disco in favour of rock. Muhahahahahaah! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Do You Want to Build a Sandman

    Oh man. How I would love to see an animation video of this, set in the movie of Frozen with Metallica reenacting it’s scenes. DJ...

  • Metallica Goes To Punjab

    Dear god I wish there was an actual video for this with Metallica and Panjabi MC. So fantastic. Well done Wax Audio.

  • The Rock Harmony

    8 songs mashed into 1 glorious rock mashup experience that could only be delivered by the likes of Mashup Germany.

  • Sandman P.I.

    This is ridiculous how well these work together.  Out of the Metallica group, who would be a good Higgins? Sherlock Poirot has quit the imagination....

  • Mo Gil Mo Problems [Final Fantasy VII mashup]

    I have a lot of fond memories playing Final Fantasy VII as a kid. I think there are some pretty good wins with this mashup...

  • MetallicJunkie

    I think I had first featured this mashup back in early 2008 and since then it has gone the way of the dodo bird. Anyways...

  • For Whom The Piano Man Tolls

    Who knew the piano man was so ANGRY! Be honest, who would be more angry after hearing this, Lars or Billy Joel?

  • Wherever I May Whoomp

    Wow. Was not expecting this. I have been browsing Legitmix for mashups and BAM! Here this is. Mashup awesomeness found. I wonder what ever happened...

  • Rock Steady

    Holy shite the 90’s are back with a mashup vengeance. Mind = ASPLODED.