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  • Beat the People

    So dope. Gets me into that summer vibe. Makes me wonder if Michael Jackson ever did an acoustic version of any of his songs.  ...

  • Dangerous Sadness

    Everything gets better (except sleepovers) with the magic music of MJ.

  • They Don’t Care About It’s Hot

    You can really hear the anger/frustration in MJs voice in this mashup. I really like this.

  • Turn Down For Scream

    GOD DAMN HAAAAAWT! This sizzles!

  • Love Never Felt So Bouncy

    There’s a lot to like in this mashup. It’s got that bounce, it’s got that neo-soul, and it’s bloody fun.

  • Billie Jean Personally

    Going back to the old school cause I’m so cool…

  • Channel Surfin

    In the first 10 seconds I had flashbacks to of some memorable moments from my childhood. Nostalgia mashups are so gnarly dude.

  • They don’t know human nature

    Damn fine mashup from DJ Francis Gaddammitt. They don’t know human nature by D.J. Francis Gaddammitt on Mixcloud

  • The MJ Experience

    Promoted by this MJ mashup album is a must listen to for everyone.

  • Remember the Love Boat time

    I’m surprised the Love Boat theme is not mashed as often. I was just a kid when this was out but I still remember the...