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  • Blue Thriller

    A refreshing approach to an extremely overused acapella of Michael Jacksons Halloween classic. It now has that Tarintino vibe to it, which might make this...

  • The Midnight Society EP

    A great addition for your Halloween mashup experience! From DJ Bahler the Midnight Society is a great mashup EP release featuring some truly great and...

  • Thrillered

    Getting into that Halloween spirit with this classic MJ mashup as it continues to delve into the creepy dance world of the Prodigy.

  • No Headphones Not Allowed

    Great mashup album from Poppa Smurf. Lots of great moments to enjoy. So smurfy. Slow Jamz Addicted...

  • Touch the Dream

    Dream big! This mashup is very inspirational. I feel like I need to go and do something positive.

  • Do You Remember The Teenage Dream

    I like the blend of romantic nostalgia with the youthful fantasy of passion.

  • Billie Jean Get Lucky

    Awww yes! The robots new release mashedup masterfully with MJ! There is lots of this going round so you know, just catch the fever and...

  • Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk

    Yay MashupCiti is back and I feel like dancing! Michael Jackson vs. Daft Punk – YouTube.

  • Yeah Billie

    The similarities are there for sure, you can see/hear the influence MJ has had on the artist.

  • Cruel Thriller

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Thriller mashup now would it? CjR kills it with this bone shaking mashup release!