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  • Born To Be Super Bass

    Yeah, Bon Jovi vs. Nicki Minaj. Who’d have thunk? Flashard, that’s who. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Star Shocked

    Hot mashup by Sir Matty, perfect for the summer! Pulling some classics and mashing them fantastically with some more newer stuff.

  • Mash The Fatale Up (Femme Fatale Mashup Album!!!)

    Wow. Mashup of every song from Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale album Artists: Britney Spears Lady Gaga Maroon 5 3OH!3 Hollywood Undead Avril Lavigne Black...

  • Culture Shock

    click here to download culture shock in a .ZIP file click here to download the individual culture shock tracks...