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  • Smells Like Get Busy

    Jamaican rap finds its way into the Seattle grunge scene with some unexpected awesome. Good job El Funka for your mashup debut! Share on TumblrDigg...

  • Word Up As You Are

    Kinda need to see Kurt Cobain in that weird jock strap Cameo wheres in the video.

  • Nothing On Roar Bloom Affair

    Pretty cool mashup by Shahar Varshal! I like how Cobains vocals almost sound like a roar riding along the Perry track. B.O.B. is a nice...

  • Only All 93 Mixtape Mashup Full Set

    Holy Moses this mashup mix deserves a kick ass motorbike. Look at all what’s in here. Damn....

  • Smells like burning bridges

    Phil Retrospector presents a chilling and subdued version of a 90’s classic. DOWNLOAD

  • Maybe Smells Like Calling Me

    It’s a bit shocking…but wow. I can’t help but see Kirk Kurt smiling and dancing around all happy and weird. A damn good mashup .

  • Very Ape Cousins

    A very fast paced and interesting mashup by DJ Rudec! The tempo is fast, I feel like I need to be running while listening to...

  • Hello Nirvana [Just Dance]

    Awesome mashup track from MixmstrStel. He was looking for a Boston based band to build a mashup around and found it with Karmin.

  • Rock Steady

    Holy shite the 90’s are back with a mashup vengeance. Mind = ASPLODED.

  • A Buffalo Ting

    Oh Xam, you know where to scratch my itch. Then you sooth it all with some Bowie balm.