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  • Happy Vs 40 Thief’s Riddim

    Good riddim for the summer heat, and it’s just so happy! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Running Happy

    Great mashup of Pharrells smooth neo-r&b funk crossed with the power rock of Airbourne! Definitely check out the video.

  • The Big Happy Neon Glitter

    I have to imagine that in the early days of being in a cult, you’re probably happy right up to the koolaid drinking. Here is...

  • Happy (Al Corino Reggae Blend)

    Nice little mashup from DJ Al Corino. Makes me want summer to get here even faster! Dis riddim is an extremely appropriate fit with Pharrells...

  • Be Happy

    A mashup match made in heaven. So simple and wonderful, Janelle and Pharrell are seemingly made for each other. Flipboitamides has massive talent.

  • Happy On Tequila!

    Jesus, this sounds like it belongs in the Animal House movie.