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  • Wow (PRFFTT & Svyable Vocal Edit)

    Dropping the passive aggressiveness from Katy Perry and going right for the jugular. High energy and a lot of fun! Happy weekend Mashup Citizens! Buy...

  • Hanging On

    A great mashup by PRFFT. Got some personal attention from Ellie Goulding I believe. Well done!

  • Breathe in Levels

    The world is not done with Levels. Every time you think you’ve gotten away, they PULL YOU RIGHT BACK IN!!!!  

  • E.T. in Illmerica

    E.T. by Katy Perry vs. Illmerica by Wolfgang Gartner. This adds a much need dirty more alien energy to Katy Perrys track.

  • La La La, the XX Replica

    LMFAO- La La La vs. the XX- Intro vs. Afrojack- Replica. How sweet is this mashup? Bet you didn’t expect that now did you? [soundcloud...