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  • Latch (Al Corino Rude Mashup)

    A pop rock reggae influenced Sam Smith. Sounds pretty dope. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Latch on to Firework

    Minds explode when combing the forces of Sam Smith and Katy Perry.

  • The Sirens Latch

    So hot right now. The cover even has cuteness overkill. Throw in some Breaking bad and it might crash the internet for a bit.

  • How long will I Stay?

    This week I’ve had some setbacks in getting mashups featured. For that I’m really sorry. Here sweet babies. Listen to this lovely.

  • Mr. Latch

    I’m stilling listening to Sam Smith and his songs. Some really great stuff with loads of mashup opportunities!

  • Lampeii

    I’m expecting more Sam Smith mashups on the way as his star continues to rise.