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  • Yellow Nova

    The sweet smooth mashupy sounds by Sherlock Poirot. I feel like I need to dance my way to a cafe in France listening to this....

  • Apologize To Marilyn

    I love how Sherlock is venturing into uncomfortable waters. Finding new audio experiences and new possibilities. Great stuff man.

  • What Vesper Has Done

    Oh Vesper. It was a sad day for you. A difficult choice was made and you helped create one of the greatest and most feared...

  • You Got Party Rock

    This is amazing. It would be fantastic to see some magical mashup video version of this, filmed in the format of what you see in...

  • Fried Poison

    Some old school R&B with Bell Biv DeVo!

  • Everybody Wants Something

    A great mashup ¬†using A Great Big Worlds single (I’m surprised I haven’t heard more really).

  • Beautiful Panther

    I love how the sleuth nature of the Pink Panther track pulls out a creeping nature (as in sneaking) of Mansons vocals.  

  • Please Don’t Fire Me

    Chariots of Fire man! How awesome! Once more Sherlock ventures outside of the box. Love it! I hope there is a Blade Runner mashup on...

  • Check-Out And Play

    The sociopath like vocals of the Offspring are a great fit to the frantic pace of of “Check-Out Time”.¬† Not to mention the pairing of...

  • I Don’t Switch

    Amon Tobin has always been a creepy kinda awesome. This works surprisingly well with Fallout Boy, so it’s no surprise it comes from Sherlock Poirot.