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  • Need Your First Fires

    Inspiration tastes best when it comes from unexpected sources. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Just Super Bad

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before! I for one would love to see Lady GaGa do her best James Brown impression.

  • Metric Morning

    I don’t hear a lot of Metric mashups, so when they show up I’m quick to listen!

  • Shadow Night

    Just listening to this, while I’m reading Sherlocks background on it (and while I’m typing this) and I just need to share this great track...

  • Need My Baby Now

    A country twist of Bieber! You know, before he got all douchey.  

  • Twin Tissue

    I was really young when Twin Peaks aired on TV. The music was a major draw for me.

  • Fallin’ For Kraid

    Not going to lie to you. The cover peaked my interest initially, but once this mashup gets going. Whoa. How weird and wonderful would it...

  • When I’m Hurt

    Holy shite. Prepare for your mind to be BLASTED! I’m immediately reminded of how you miss someone when they are gone. Gets you right in...

  • Big Furry Fox

    First mashup I’ve hear of the “The Fox” song. This is a very creepy take on it I think.  

  • Turfin’ G.A.G.A.

    It’s a beach party! Some how extremely fitting for the pop culture Queen.