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    I think of happy robots for some reason when I listen to this mashup. Just hanging out, thinking robot stuff. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Dark Horse Of The Year

    I really like the added sickness of Skrillex on this. Makes Katy Perry a bit more of a force.

  • Magic Touch

    So much fun and high step energy, I’m really enjoying this mashup of 31 songs mashed into one!

  • Bangarang Reptile

    Your cross fading skillz are dope.

  • Party Right In My Tummy

    My 20 month old daughter loves her Yo Gabba Gabba and now likes Skrillex. Pretty awesome kid.

  • ExoRok

    Rihanna is a really great addition to the Damion Marley and Skillex combo for this electrically charged mashup.

  • Bros – When will i be famous

    Whaaaaaaa!?!? Sup 1987. Enjoy some totally radical Bros mashup fun!

  • Michael “Bangarang” Jackson

    I can see a pretty damn epic mashup video for this.

  • Bangin’ Thumbs

    Possibly the greatest DJ name ever, Plague of Sharks starts off this killer mashup right with a pep talk from a little dude doing life...

  • Can’t Stop Ur Freak On (Bombaclat Bootleg)

    Amazing mashup of RHCP in a way I never even thought possible. One helluva fantastic mashup there Bombaclat!