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  • They Don’t Care About It’s Hot

    You can really hear the anger/frustration in MJs voice in this mashup. I really like this. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Back In Black

    Tight mashup! Classic rock and rap mashed together!

  • Blues Br-Others

    A classic mashup featuring overweight middle aged white muther-fuckers jumping up and down on a stage trying to sing the blues. From the very talented...

  • Various Artists

    The first mashup album from Chalk And Charcoal. Filled with just badassness, this album could be set to an action movie, and is more than...

  • Turf Wars

    Daaaaaaaammmmnnnn! Rappers with beef are finding the force. May the 4th be with you!

  • Radio Killer, The American Dream, THE BEGINNING

    The smooth vocal styles of Snoop Dogg meets the cool cat spy guy instrumentals of The XX

  • Signs Drive Me Crazy

    I hope a video is to accompany this fine young mashup by Timmy Tass. This week has been a bit of a gong show. MashupCiti...

  • California Gurls (Aren’t they Lovely)

    Flip Katy Perrys sexy hit on it’s head with some classic soul. Something some would argue is sorely lacking. 😛    

  • Charleston

    Great mashup by DOSVEC! I’m looking forward to the video.

  • Everyone Gets High

    DJ Burnout throws a lot at you in this mashup that takes back to some classic RnB to some awesome modern beats from Pretty Lights....