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  • Hotel Carcosa

    That monster waiting for you at the end of a dream. I hate that guy. This would be a great addition to any Halloween mashup...

  • Go Low In Those Shoes

    Damn this is a great track for lyrical styles of Ludacris.  

  • My California

    See what’s happening here this week? A bit of a Sinatra mashup kick going on. I like it.

  • Life in the black lane

    Combine the 70’s maleĀ  machoism and the 80’s Australian rocker “I don’t give a fuck” and you get MAGIC.

  • One Of These Grenadine Nights

      I’m really into what Mashed & Confused has been doing lately. This is a great example as to why.


    This is the kick off to 17 Days of DOSVECMAS! Starting from November 29th, Senor DOSVEC will be spreading the Christmas spirit with a one...

  • Top 10 Halloween Music

    As picked by me, your host, Revy. So these are a little more off beat and from what I have read, do not usually make...

  • hotel FEAR

    Ian Brown – F.E.A.R. vs. The Eagles – Hotel California vs. Burial – Untitled

  • California Day n Night

    The Eagles – Hotel California vs Kid Cudi – Day ‘ N ‘ Nite

  • Hotel California Must Go On

    The Eagles – Hotel California vs. Queen – The show must go on