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  • Bad is Dangerous

    A great mashup of intensity of Busta and Prodigy! So seriousĀ and dangerous! Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Buck Cherry “Crazy Bitch” v. The Prodigy “Girls”

    This is one of Aggro1’s more popular mashups. Deep down we love/hate that ‘crazy bitch’ that made your life hell for a while. Looking back,...

  • Loca Problem

    From T3ddy6 “A mashup I made for my independent study at school. It features the powerful voice of 2 Chainz with nice electro to complement...

  • Thrillered

    Getting into that Halloween spirit with this classic MJ mashup as it continues to delve into the creepy dance world of the Prodigy.

  • Intergalactic Stand

    It’s got a funky rock beat to this classic Beastie Boys track. A great mashup to get your day in check. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=”...

  • Funky Temptations Shit

    This great mashup by DJ Bigg H somehow removes the hopeless romantic from a classic Temptations song and explores almost a stalkerish dark side.

  • Hometown Bitch

    Adele vs. The Prodigy