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  • Whoomp There’s The A-Team

    Tag Team and the A-Team? C’mon, how fun is that? Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Beautiful Panther

    I love how the sleuth nature of the Pink Panther track pulls out a creeping nature (as in sneaking) of Mansons vocals.  

  • Ye of Thrones

    I’m super pumped for this next season of GoT, and for the release of the final book. However this mashup posses a troubling question. If...

  • Catch the Throne

    By the Old Gods and the New! This is pretty epic. It is the “Official Mix Tape” of Game of Thrones. No matter what it’s...

  • What’s Up Bill Nye The Science Guy

    Yeah science!

  • Sanford e Hijo

    Gotta love the Sanford & Sons theme song.

  • The Lilyest Hobo

    So I guess the TV show, “The Littlest Hobo” was a Canadian thing? I barely remember it as a kid, but I do remember being...

  • Oooh Cheers

    TV show theme song mashups are hard to find, so when I do find them I’m quick to share them.

  • Remember the Love Boat time

    I’m surprised the Love Boat theme is not mashed as often. I was just a kid when this was out but I still remember the...


    In my hunt for TV and Movie music themes mashed up, Bootie Rio sent this my way filled with Rio TV themes mashed with everything...