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  • Bring The Files Jim

    The them for “The Rockford Files” really should be mashed more often. Share on TumblrDigg Digg

  • Papa Was A Horror Story

    Truly creepy! Completely changes the direction of the Temptations song and shifts it away from a soulful motown classic to something much darker. I love...

  • Sandman P.I.

    This is ridiculous how well these work together.  Out of the Metallica group, who would be a good Higgins? Sherlock Poirot has quit the imagination....

  • Sanford and Mumford & Sons

    I do love to hear Mumford & Sons mashups. This is one of the best I’ve heard so far I think, though it’s more of...

  • Space, how low can you go?

    Kickass Star Wars mashup with a dash of cheekiness. A classic battle between the two camps, Star Wars and Star Trek. May the 4th be...

  • A Man’s Game Of Thrones World

    This is so damn awesome I can barely stand it. Mashups are coming. The video is just as impressive!

  • The Fresh Prince of Death Star (Extended Version)

    I always thought that Will Smith was using the dark side of the force. Now I have a pretty stellar mashup to chill out with...

  • Knight Cinema Rider

    I’m feeling very nostalgic to my 80’s childhood lately. Mashups like this make me smile.

  • Muppet Mashup

    Mashups, remixes, and covers of music from The Muppet Show and Sesame Street. 1. The Muppet Strut – Martinn 2. Jam On Sesame Street –...

  • The Littlest Mashup

    Snoop Dog vs. The Littlest Hobo DOWNLOAD VIA 4SHARED