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  • How long will I Stay?

    This week I’ve had some setbacks in getting mashups featured. For that I’m really sorry. Here sweet babies. Listen to this lovely. Share on TumblrDigg...

  • Get It On Night By Night

    Mmmm, the sweet smooth sounds of Chromeo and Marvin Gaye, mashed up into a nice hot cup of groovy. Sadly I missed this for the...

  • Show Me Love vs Somebody I Used To Know

    Something a bit happier, or dancier to Gotye!

  • Call Me Coming Back

    Whoa! Did not expect! With all the Carly Rae Jepsen mashups out there, it’s nice to get a different perspective once more.

  • Read all about your apologies

    Sorrowful Valentines Day mashup!

  • Hall of Whispers

    Fantastic! A great Valentines Day mashup to make wonderful mashup music to!

  • Midnight City Diamonds

    A different approach to this mashup. Rihanna and Muzzaik are getting a lot of attention lately.  

  • Strictly Sensual II

    S.I.R. Remixes has released “Strictly Sensual II”! A great mashup album to make love to your old lady by ( to paraphrase Prince Paul). Strictly...

  • Strictly Sensual

    01) Lady GaGa feat. Khaleel – LoveGame 02) Mariah Carey vs. Marvin Gaye – Touch my Body (For my Sexual Healing) 03) Iyaz vs. BeyoncĂ©...

  • Makes me wonder if this ain’t love Mashup

    I just realized, we haven’t posted anything from Bobby Martini in a while, so here we go! I have been trying to go around looking...