Top Mashups 2012

2012_mashupsThe top mashups of 2012 are massive, earth shattering musical experiences not for the faint of heart.

2012 was the best performing year for MashupCiti yet! Over half a million visitors getting their groove on with some fantastic releases this year!

Lots of great new producer talent was found, but of course we have also featured awesome work from seasoned DJ veterans.

This was also the year that saw some really big and amazing news. From the unfortunate ending to GYBO, to copyright laws changing around the world, some good and some bad.

So with out further adieu, here our the most popular mashups that have been featured here on MashupCiti this year, 2012!

MashupCiti’s Top 12 of 2012 list


  1. Marathon Mashup 2012 A really great mashup mix ready for that marathon you keep telling yourself you’re going to run. Aparently there are a lot of you.
  2. Hollabackbusters New halloween mashup classic!
  3. 50 Years of Bond Mini Mix This was part of a promotion for the new Bond Skyfall and wow did this blow up.
  4. Electric Revolution An awesome new find this year, the very talented disfunction.
  5. Axel F is sexy and I know it I smell a possible movie remake here with Eddie Murphy and LMFAO. Internet, make it happen!
  6. 80s MOVIE MASHUP – ‘Never Ending Story’ vs ‘Top Gun’ For the love of all that is awesome, PLEASE FINISH THIS!
  7. Gangnam Busters Another Halloween mashup explosion with of course PSY.
  8. Kool and the Gangnam Yeah, PSY was probably THE artist in 2012. We just could not get enough.
  9. I want Madness A really gorgeous mashup that will stay on my playlist for some time.
  10.  We are Young MC I wish the production quality was higher but I love the idea of this. So did a lot of other mashup citizens.
  11. My other car is a Beatle What’s old is new again! Naw just a nostalgic revisit that got heads bopping.
  12. Lights Low Avicci was another big mashup focus this year and there where no shortage of mashups to support him.

So that  was the most popular posts here on MashupCiti for 2012. Up next, top mashup albums! Coming soon!